Web development services in lonavala

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Web development services in lonavala. If you are looking for a Business website for your business you are at the right path. Scrabble Infotech is the web development company formed in the year of 2018. success rate is good.

We provide web development and maintenance services. related to the project. We give 2 months of free support after completion of project.


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How we work

The stages of development phases defined.

  • Stage1: Planning and requirement analysis

    Requirement Analysis is the most important and necessary stage in development phase.

    We gather and analyse the requirement of the client. It includes the money transaction as well and what it benefits to the organization etc..

  • Stage2: Defining Requirements

    Once the requirement analysis is done, the next stage is to certainly represent and document the software requirements and get them accepted from the project stakeholders.

  • Stage3: Designing the Software

    The next phase is about to bring down all the knowledge of requirements, analysis, and design of the software project. This phase is the product of the last two, like inputs from the customer and requirement gathering.

  • Stage4: Developing the project

    In this phase of SDLC, the actual development begins, and the programming is built. The implementation of design begins concerning writing code. Developers have to follow the coding guidelines described by their management and programming tools like compilers, interpreters, debuggers, etc. are used to develop and implement the code.

  • Stage5: Testing

    After the code is generated, it is tested against the requirements to make sure that the products are solving the needs addressed and gathered during the requirements stage.

  • Stage6: Deployment

    Once the software is certified, and no bugs or errors are stated, then it is deployed.

  • Stage7: Maintenance

    Once when the client starts using the developed systems, then the real issues come up and requirements to be solved from time to time.

Benefits from scrabble infotech

If Web development is done by scrabble infotech Here are the benefits:

Flexible Pricing System


Development is done in consideration of marketing 

Understanding of business

2 Months of free support 

Free Support

Maintenance option (Monthly / Anually)

Both option

Core focus on design and functionality