Best Digital Marketing Services In India

Best digital marketing services in India. Take a look below at the wide variety of digital marketing services Scrabble Infotech offers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business!

Best digital marketing services in India. Scrabbe Infotech Solutions provide detailed Digital Marketing services as listed Below:

  1. Search Engine optimization services for website Ranking in google.  Includes: (On page seo and Off Page seo).
  2. Search Engine Marketing services for website ranking in google: Includes Paid Promotions.
  3. Google Ad-words: All Google search ads, Display Ads, Lead generation Ads etc…
  4. Social Media Optimization Services for all social media platforms to rank the images, videos and Presentation , catalogues to give more presence to your business online.
  5. social media marketing to boost your business presence online:
  6. Email Marketing: We do email marketing activities s per business requirements.
  7. Whatsapp Marketing: We do whatsapp marketing as it need of the Today. Every business require a medium of tool where they can easily connect and talk whatsapp is one of them.
  8. Video Marketing: We do create a videos for businesses for promotions. As in Today life video marketing is booming, Everyone likes to watch insta reels, whatsapp status, facebook insta stories, so it is a medium of reach to the audience easily.
  9. Blogging: We do write a blogs for businesses.
  10. Story Telling Activity: As per business requirement we do actvity for story telling it is nice concept through which you can easily explain your product to customer.

How we work

The stages of Marketing phases defined.

  • Stage1: SETUP (0-3 months)

    • assess touch points
    • build online environment
    • establish baseline
    • setup digital media infrastructure
    • establish listings on search engines
    • gain followers
    • initiate relationships
    • develop content strategy
    • assess digital footprint
    • increase member interactions
    • begin gaining new referrals/leads
    • initiate brand mentions
  • Stage2: TRACTION (4-9 mo)

    • transform touch points to conversation points
    • gain traction on social media sites
    • integrate mobile with social media
    • gain responses to call to action
    • place on search engines
    • gain new sales/members
    • gain initial thought leadership interactions
    • build member satisfaction/feedback
    • increase customer service
  • Stage3: POSITIONING (10-15 months)

    • convert conversation points to conversion points
    • gain positions on search engines
    • gain thought leadership interactions
    • gain new sales revenue
    • develop brand loyalty
  • Stage4: EXPANSION (16-27+ months)

    • stabilize position on search engines
    • establish some recognition as a thought leader
    • gain brand power
    • gain consistent stream of revenue
  • Stage5: VIRAL GROWTH (future)

    • expand networks exponentially through fan/follower networks and social communities

Digital Marketing Benefits from scrabble Infotech

Increase Customer Loyalty with Frequent Communications

Engage the Customer at Every Buying Stage

Target the Right Audience

Generate a Consistent Lead Pipeline

Optimize and Obtain Better Conversion Rates

Accurately Measure All Results

Gain Brand Credibility